HR Policy

The people are the driving force at WYSIWYG. We aim to recruit and select outstanding human capital, and to provide conditions for the development of both personal and professional skills.

Our Human Resources policy is based on a strategy aligned with the fine execution of our mission, vision and values, and the promotion of an organizational climate that encourages the integration, welfare and productivity of our collaborators.

We govern ourselves by core principles such as integrity, professionalism and respect for the employee’s rights, providing fair and equal treatment to all professionals, while declining any kind of negative discrimination.

The fulfillment of our goals, as well as the company’s future sustainability, depends on a proper personnel management – this is our competitive advantage and differentiating factor.


WYSIWYG intends to recruit, motivate and retain the greatest talents, so that we can grow alongside.
If you share our values and goals, and would like to integrate an organization that esteems and invests in the development of its collaborators, come and join us!

We are permanently recruiting for the following areas:
• Communication;
• Trainning;
• Informatics;
• Multimedia;
• Marketing;
• Tourism;
• Advertisement (Hostesses and commercial promoters; Delivery).

Please send us your CV with an updated photo (.pdf and .rtf formats are allowed), cover letter and diploma to:

rec humanos