Planning of entire advertisement campaigns: from the message to the target audience. Neuromarketing consultancy, support and supervision of market researches and advertisement campaigns. Strategic delivery (mailing, handling, sampling) of advertisement material. Representation services of hostesses and promoters, according to the profile required by the client.



Production of static and digital contents, in line with the client’s profile and brand. Innovative E-communication solutions (email marketing, newsletters, mailing lists, social media), as well as Clipping service that allows you to permanently monitor the information about your business or specific issues. Elaboration of the entire technical part of editorial projects and publications.


Technical and commercial services especially focused on creating and maintaining websites, databases, and multimedia content (webdesign, photography and video). Development of e-commerce systems that can make your digital business more appealing, leverage your sales, while being intuitive and user-friendly at the same time.

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